Househotel Saracena is located in the sub-tropical paradise of Nor Yungas, in the community of Pankarani, just 2.5 km from the picturesque town of Coroico, La Paz, Bolivia.

How to get there with a private vehicle? Take the road south (through the Hospital) that leaves from Coroico towards the town of Carmen Pampa (Universidad del Carmen Pampa); At approximately 2.5 kms, you will find a sign that says "Little Saracena" (this is the country house) at the top of a stone arch (clearly visible on the right, coming from Coroico). Also, it is possible to get there by taking a public transport service from the Central Plaza of Coroico.

Taxi: Bs. 15.- (USD 2.20)

Minibus: Bs. 3.- (USD 0.40) per person